The importance of aftercare & styling

Ahh the importance of correct after care.

So often I am asked about aftercare and treatments and I am told that hair just wont grow. Genrally and in most cases this isnt true. Hair that is looked after correctly will grow and professional aftercare products and advice should be taken to get the best out of your hair.

So many of us have embraced hair colouring with such gusto that it has now become quite commonplace to change that colour up quite frequently.

Nothing wrong with that at all. I love change and i really enjoy switching our clients colours up. I think its great that we try new things.

And of course there was the invention of GHD's! and other hot styling tools.

With all this in mind, we need to start thinking about our hair the same way we think about our skin.

Hair ages as it grows. So those of us with lovely long hair need to treat the longer lengths as we would aged skin. It tends to be drier, more porous and in need of heavier moisturisation than younger hair (ie-your root area!)

With that in mind, I always suggest to my folicly blessed clients to treat their hair more than once a week especially if they have been using lightner(bleach) or they are a colour chameleon.

Your scalp is also an area that you should not neglect to think about when looking for hair care.

The scalps natural defenses need to be cared for like the skin on your face. Not many of us would ever go back to using harsh soap on our faces so why would we still use harsh shampoo's?

The cheaper produced shampoos often contain very astringent or harsh chemicals like SULPHATES-these strip the hair and scalp of all its oil and goodness-just like soap would on your skin.

The basic law of life applies-if its cheap-its cheap for a reason.

Styling Products

So after cleanising (shampooing) and moisturizing (Conditioning/treating) we need to take into consideration how you are going to style your hair, just as you would your face after cleansing and moisturizing.

I have people complain all the time that they have terrible hair that is frizzy or just doesnt do anything.

Well news flash-Hair doesnt style itself! People with lovely, envy enducing hair have usually styled it (even if they say other wise-a bit like supermodels that eat junk food all the time and stay skinny-its a big fat lie!)

This is why styling tools and products take centre stage.

Think of styling products more as make-up for your hair. You face looks great without make-up, but it also looks better with make-up. Hair is the same. If its healthy it will look fine without styling, but it will look amazing and evoke envy when it is styled right.

so, starting with the baics-you need to prime.

A good primer will detangle and even out the porosity of your hair-this helps when applying your other products. Evening out the porosity will mean that the products will distribute evenly throughout the hair.

My favourite primer right now for long, or thick hair is Milkshake Conditioning Whipped Cream

For finer hair i'd suggest Milkshake Leave in conditioner.

Both these products will even out porosity and both contain Milkshakes Integrity 41 which helps maintain colour.

For really tired, stressed out hair i'd suggest using Milkshake Incredible Milke. It has 12 effects on the hair-

-UV protection | Repair | Protects & maintains colour | Heat protection | Detangles | Maintains style | Adds shine | Volume and body building | Frizz control | Prevents split ends | smooths cuticle | helps smooth & straighten

Its also a must have in my kit bag!

So you've primed and detangled. If you are going to be blow drying or even blasting your hair off-then now is a great time to apply a heat protector.

Most styling products now offer heat protection as well, however if its a mousse and your only applying it to your root area, then think about the lengths. What heat protection do they have?

If your savvy, you will be using Milkshakes leave in conditioning products as primers because they all contain heat protective properties too. Thank me later.

So once you've primed and protected, its time to apply your make-up! (for your hair that is)

This is the point now where you can apply your real styling products dependant on what your requirements are eg-volumisers, salt sprays, texture sprays, Argan oils, smoothing serums etc.

And you can layer them up, or cocktail them if you please.

Cocktailing products is common place among stylists, sometimes we need different products to achieve a certain look. Maybe you want smoothness and texture? so you could try mixing together some texture paste and a smoothing serum then apply to your hair as if its one product.

Thats all for now on the importance if care and styling. I will be back with more tips and in-depth details about what styling products are best for the look you want soon.

Till then, have a great hair day x

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