Hair Problem 1- Colour fade!

Colour fade-One of the biggest of our first world problems. We all hate colour fade for the most part (except when you want a change or you've gone just a touch too dark!)

But how can we put an end to it?

Well there are a few steps you can take to help get the most out of your colour and I shall share these with you, but I am also going to share with you the hows and whys of colour fade.

So sit down, get a cuppa and get ready to have your mind blown!

1-Invest in professional after care!-Why spend all that money on actually having your colour done but then buy cheap and nasty aftercare? it makes no sense-you wouldnt put cheap brake pads on a Ferrari would you?!

Take your stylists/colorists advice on this. Most salons stock professional products for a reson. You think the fluff on the shelves of Boots or Superdrug is so good-then why dont any salons stock it?

Treseme is (apparently) so good it USED to be in salons. Well its never been in any salon I worked at, and if its so good-why is it not still in salons?

As a rule, after a colour service you need a sulphate free shampoo, preferably a product formulated for colour, hydration or repair depending on what your stylists thinks you need more.

needs a treatment at least once a week. If you have long, hi lighted, bleached hair or have recently gone through colour stripping i'd suggest twice a week.

A treatment will help replenish lost moisture and repair any damage done during your colour service.

3-UV Protection-UV rays will make your colour fade. The same rules apply for hair as for your skin. If your in the sun, even in winter they will still affect your hair. So its a good idea to use a UV spray on your hair year round to help your colour last longer.

More and more products are starting to add UV protection into their ingredients so ask you stylist to reccommend one for you.

4-Heat protection-So we all know we need to use a heat protector, however 90% of people admit that they don't use one but that they do use heat stylers. Naughty, naughty!

Heat dries hair out, dry hair becomes porous, porous hair doesnt hold onto colour for that long. So heat protection is essential even if your only blasting it dry, you still need a dedicated heat protector.

5-Turn down the heat!-Get off the top setting. Most top settings on hair dryers are extremely hot, far too hot really for every day drying. Try turning it down just one notch. When they dryer is on top heat it will burn your hair. When it burns the hair it dries it out, damages the outer cuticle and thus you get less shine, more frizz and more damage leading to dry, porous hair that cant keep hol

2-Treatments-Colour treated haird of colour.

A medium heat setting is far better, it wont burn the hair and because it is slightly cooler it will help to keep the cuticles laying nice and flat leading to shiny, healthy hair that holds colour far better.

Its also a good idea to think about investing in some styling irons that have a variable heat setting too, so that you can turn the heat down there also.

Check out the stylers from Balmain in our store-Great value at just £99.

6-Get a filter on your shower-Water contains trace minerals and chemicals. Chlorine (bleach), lime and iron all of which can be pretty harsh on your hair and skin. In areas where water is 'harder' a filter is a very good idea.

7-Glossing-colour fade between colour appointments always benefit from a gloss. In the salon we use an ammonia free conditioning gloss. It blends away upto 50% of greys, boosts shine and deposits tone or depth depending on what you require and it will never result in colour build up.

Keep a look out for my next blog where i will be showing you the results of glossing services and i will explain how they work and why you should request this amazing service at your next appointment

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