What is Olaplex?

If you havent yet heard of Olaplex then let me introduce you to it-Olaplex is an absolute wonder product! It is a two part in salon treatment that helps limit the damage done during colouring-especially lightening.

We've been using it in the salon here since it first launched in the UK earlier this year. The USA has had this product for what seems like centuries and i was so excited when they finally launched it here that i managed to get my mitts on the first batch.

Now i could have ordered it from the USA months ago BUT-the EU have much stricter laws on what we can and cant put in hair care and beauty products than the USA, so we thought it best to wait for the EU approved stuff!

And it was worth the wait. So here is how it works, why it is so good, and why we include it in every colour service.

During a colour chemical service like colouring, the disulfide bonds of the hair are broken down. Now, disulfide bonds are one of natures strongest naturally occering bonds and they are what hold together the protein structure of the hair.

Olaplex helps to re-build and re-link these bonds together during colouring. And that is why this product is so amazing and so successful.

It was 'home grown' in Califronia, and designed by two scientists and the idea came from Dean Christal.

Since Olaplex was launched in the USA, tried and tested by many celebrity colorists it has high praise from just about everyone who has used it. In 2014 it won the Allure beauty breakthrough award for hair and i suspect it may even end up in their hall of fame awards!

I love it, and i wouldnt be without it. I love it so much that we will soon be stocking their no.3 take home treatment for those of you that want to keep your hair super nourished, long and healthy!

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